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The best kid’s iPad/iTouch apps recommended by parents


1. Kids always want to play new games.
2. Parents want the kids to play educational and fun games.
3. Parents are not sure what apps to download for their kids.


1. This will be an iPad/iTouch app.
2. The Parent downloads your app
3. He searches for apps and saves it as his favorite.
4. Others can follow(befriend) the parent and they will see all his recommendations
5. Once someone downloads a recommended app, they can rate both the apps and the recommend-er.
6. You can show the top recommenders and top apps on your website/app.

How to make Money.

1. iTunes has an affiliate  program where they give a percentage of the sale to you.
2. You can sell your own e-book like ipod/ipad Tips and hacks.
3. You can sign up for Amazon Affiliate and sell accessories for their iPads/IPod’s.