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The coolest iPhone/iPad/iPod accessories store


Currently if we want the  best  “sleek, cool and easy to use”  accessories for iphone or any Apple products, there is no online store like this.
In Amazon,  when we search for iphone or ipad accessories  for e.g a  charger, it just shows too many options and it takes a long time to find  the best and cool charger.


1. You curate the coolest and  most user-friendly iphone/ipad/ipod accessories and sell them on your online store.
2. The accessories should be as easy-to-use like any other Apple products ( wireless, minimalistic design , cool looking) e.g iPod Bose speakers

How to make Money.

1. Link your products to amazon affiliate and get a cut from each sale.
2. Sell your own iphone/ipad/ipod tips books.
3. You can start a blog and review accessories once a week and get sponsorship from an accessories company like JamBox or Bose