Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

The Smart Low Price finder


1. There are a lot of price comparison apps out there
2. When you search for a price for a product,
3. They split out all the sellers and
4. you have to look at each seller, read his reviews and
5. decide to order from them or not
6. Why don’t you create an app which makes this decision easy
7. by displaying only the best rated sellers and best stores


1. Your customer downloads your app
2. When he sees a product, he taps your app
3. Takes a picture or scan the bar-code or talks
4. You find the product
5. You search online and local stores(using location awareness)
6. You filter out bad sellers and bad stores
7. and show him the prices from only the best stores and best sellers
8. He buys the product and he is delighted.

How to make Money.

1.Signup as affiliates with the good stores like amazon and you will get a cut out of every transaction
2.You slowly collect his buying habits and show him products which he will be interested when they come on sale.

Some Tips for starting.

1.Use Google images tool (different than the Google image search) to search and get text description of an item.
2.Use Milo open api (an ebay company) to find local prices and availability.