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82: Tools and apps for the health Enthusiast

Gymnast_Tools and apps for the health Enthusiast


1. There are lots of people who are very committed to their health.
2. They would love to find the latest and best apps(e.g Nike Training Club) and “smart tools”(e.g fitbit)..
3. which will help them to remain healthy.
4. The latest “smart tools” from fitbit(e.g smart wristband) are smart that they automatically
5. keep track of their daily health activities and
6 syncs this data to their smartphones.


1. Create a blog and review the latest apps and smart tools
2. specifically focused on the health enthusiast who loves the latest gadgets and apps
3. In the blog, do a video review and also open a YouTube channel and post your videos there.

How to make Money.

1. In YouTube, once you get a certain number of views, you can get a share of advertisement revenue.
2. Get a itunes affiliate account and link to the apps, once someone buys the apps, you get affiliate commissions

Some Tips for starting.

1. You don’t need expensive equipment to record videos
2. You can just use your iphone and record, it is pretty good. Get a tripod and iphone mount.
3 When you record, Just make sure you have good lighting(Just plain sunlight)