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88: Track recalls on your medication

medication-Track recalls on medication you take


1. Many People take medication for various ailments and
2. some people take vitamins to keep themselves healthy.
3. Sometimes new research comes out and companies recall these medications.
4. The consumers are not aware of the recalls and
5. continue to take the medications which is harmful to their health.


1. You build an iPhone app and a website
2. Customers sign up with their email.
3. They (customers) download your app and take pictures of the medications they take
4. you convert the picture into text and store the name of the medication
5. You also find the ingredients in this medication and record them in your app
6. Even though there are different brands in this category, almost all of them have the same ingredients.
7. for e.g Motrin and Advil even though the brands are different, they both have
8. the same active ingredient called ibuprofen.
9. Once you know your customers medication and their active ingredients
10.Twice a day, Search the US government’s FDA drug recall website and
11.if you find that there are any recalls, notify your customer
12.He will be very very happy that he is not taking bad medications.

How to make Money.

1.0 Since you know what medication he is taking, partner with the competitors of the drug he is taking
1.1 and see if they can provide the same drug cheaper and recommend this medication to your customer
1.2 If he switches, you get a referral fee from the drug company.
2.0 Once you know what ailment your customer has, keep sending him tips frequently
2.1 sign-up for a amazon affiliate account
2.2 and recommend any new tools(e.g Latest BP checker, Diabetic Testing Kits etc) and books
2.3 which will help him cope with his ailments.