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Trustworthy answers for New parent’s problems


1. New parents have lot of questions about their newly born.
2. When they search google, they get too many “untrustworthy” results
3. Why don’t you create a search engine to search only “Trustworthy” websites


1. You will painstakingly find out all the best websites and blogs for new parents.
2. Create a search engine which will search only these websites and blogs
3. When your customer comes to your website and searches
4. She will get “Trustworthy” results.
5. She will solve her baby’s problem and spends a wonderful time with her baby.

How to make Money.

1. Sell e-books – Some book ideas are…

  • Common baby problems and how to solve them
  • 12 Tips to live with a baby stress-free and also savor the time.
  • 7 habits to teach a kid in his young age to create a bright future for him.

2. Once you grow your audience, create a paid membership group , where parents can help each other and..
2.1. can also get baby experts or doctors to answer questions weekly.

Some Tips for starting.

1. You can use google custom search engine for creating the search engine.( Cost:A whopping $Zero)
2. Use Technorati to find out the top New-parent blogs.
3. Use Alexa to find the top websites for new parents.