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Update Geo-Location for photos without location data

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1. When you take photos with your smartphone..
2. it stores the location on where the picture was taken
3. Your smartphone uses the built-in gps to find the location..
4. and add it to your picture.
5. Many photo sharing sites like flickr, picasa can read this geolocation..
6. and organize your photos based on location.
7. but a lot of people take digital photos with their cameras and these photos do not have location data
8. because the camera does not have built-in GPS.
9. This group of people are looking for an easy way to add geolocation data to their photos.


1. You will create a software which takes the photos and determine the location automatically
2. You can use api’s from Google image search and camfind
3. These api’s will read a photo and will tell you the location.
4. Once you get the location, add it to the photos
5. In Geek terms — your software will write the location data to the photo’s EXIF GPS metadata.
6. All the photos are automatically geo-tagged

How to make Money.

1. Have a free version and a paid version. Free version can have some restrictions like updating only 10 photos at a time etc. The Paid version will have a lot of features

2. Partner with companies like smugmug to get affiliate commission – when users sign up with them, you get recurring revenue as long as they keep renewing their subscription.

Some Tips for starting.

1. Here is good information about how to make Google image search work well…
2. and  good information about How GPS Photo Taggers Work.
3. A few solutions for this problem.
4. Api’s from Google image search  and camfind