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173: VR(Virtual Reality) of hotels and hotel rooms

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1. When someone is booking a hotel online,
2. he sees the hotel photos and reviews and books the hotel
3. What If there is a way to look at the hotels in VR i.e in Virtual reality


1. You will build a website and an iPhone app
2. Hotels post VR videos of their hotels on your website
3. Travelers who have a VR headset can watch these VR videos of these hotels,
4. Before booking this hotel.
5. Partner with travel websites like expedia, travelocity, kayak etc
6. And display the VR videos on their websites too.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Monthly fee from Travel sites: A lot of travel sites like
1.1 expedia, travelocity, kayak etc would like to
1.2 show VR Videos to their visitors too along with the photos.
1.3 You can charge them a monthly fee for
1.4 them to use your VR videos on their websites and apps.

2. Sponsorships: Get sponsorships from hotels and
2.1 When users search for hotels , show them the sponsored results too
2.2 The user should clearly know that this is a sponsored result.