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Watch your DVD’s anywhere you want..even if you leave them at home

Instead of leaving DVD’s at home, Everyone wants to watch their DVD’s wherever they go.

E;g. When you drive your kids on a long drive and they keep troubling you, you wish you had their favorite DVD’s with you on your ipad.

1. Customer comes to your site
2. You will be sending them boxes and shipping labels
3. You can have 3 box sizes
4. if they do not want boxes, you can just show shipping labels which they can print
5. Customers receive the boxes and shipping labels
6. They put their DVD’s in the box and drop them at the mailbox or for a small fee you can arrange for a pickup.
7. The DVD’s are converted to MP4 and stored in your servers.
8. You ship the DVD’s back
9. customer downloads the MP4 to any device they want
10.You can create an app where they can just stream instead of downloading

How to make Money:
1. Charge a small fee for streaming
2. Charge a small fee if they want to store more than 90 days

P.S : You ask.. isn’t this illegal.? DMCA says this is legal for personal use.