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What should I do for my party?


1. When it is time for a party in your house
2. You are not sure where and how to do it
3. Should you take your friends to a movie or bowling or..
4. There is no party recommendation service on the internet.


1.You will build a website and/or app for this.
2.Your customer comes to your website
3.He will enter the age of the person for whom the party is being organized
4.He will enter other details like Party type ( birthday, graduation etc)
5.You will show him all the available options and the total cost for the party.
6.He will customize the party according to his needs
7.At the appointed day, he celebrates his party and has a good time.

How to make Money.

1. You can show him the return gifts and if he buys from you.if you are an amazon affiliate, you will get commissions.
2. You can have sponsors, once you get lot of traffic.