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166: inexpensive personal stylist to recommend latest fashion wardrobe for woman

What should I wear for a party


1. A lot of women would love to
2. wear the latest fashion dresses for a party, but
3. they are not sure what to pick and wish

4. they had a good personal stylist to help them pick
5. the right dress and matching accessories.

6. Right now, a Personal stylist is very expensive.
7. They would love if  they could get a personal stylist
8. whenever they want and at a low cost.


1. You will build a smart-phone app
2. After the user downloads the app
3. She creates a profile of herself,
4. with her full picture and

5. adds more details like Nickname, what dress she likes,
6. whether she is open to try new dress models or
7. stick to models which she wore in the past etc.

8. About a month or two weeks, before the start of the party
9. when she is ready to plan for her party,
10. She will open the app and
11. notify that she is looking for a stylist.

12. A few stylist will look at her profile and
13. Will recommend a couple of dresses and provide her a little advise.

14. If she likes any of the recommendations, she can hire that stylist
15. for a fixed price and for 1hr of time.

16. She can also browse through the profiles of stylist
17. and Pick a stylist and hire them too.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Take a cut of the transaction: When someone hires a stylist,
1.1 charge $30 for half hour and $49 for 1hr of consultation
1.2 You can take 2% of the transaction.

2. Affiliate income: Tie up with fashion dress companies and
2.1 if they buy from these stores, you will get affiliate income.