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73: Which VC’s should you approach for funding your startup

money-Which VCs should you approach for funding your startup


1. If you are a founder of a company,
2. You want to know which VC can fund your startup


1. You collect all the startups funded in the last 5 years
2. You categorize and tag the startups
3. for e.g whatsapp may be tagged as mobile social media
4. A founder comes to your website and searches for the his company’s category
5. e.g he will search for “mobile social media”
6. You will show who are all the VC’s who funded this category.
7. e.g Sequoia Capital funded whatsapp, so you will display sequoia for his search term.

How to make Money.

1. The free version will show only 3 VC’s for a category.
2. To see all the VC’s who funded the category, charge them a nominal fee.
3. Analyze which sectors receive the most funding and at the end of the year
4. publish a paid report on the trends for the next year.